Saturday, 4 June 2016

Silver Bedroom Wishlist

We've just got the keys to our new house and it needs total redecoration. I've been thinking of a silver grey and white theme for our bedroom with a possible little splash of pink in there! Here are some of the items I'm looking at...


Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Motivation - Losing the Baby Weight

Summer is coming!

Baby J just turned 7 months old yesterday and I would like to finally lose my baby weight. To be honest I'm not a fitness kind of girl.. I love swimming when I can find the time but always hated PE at school. If I planned to have another baby close in age to Baby J I probably wouldn't bother trying to lose this weight as its mostly on my tummy. But because I would ideally like a few years until I have another baby I'm hoping to lose this bump that's clinging on.

I follow Joe Wicks The Body Coach on facebook and have noticed his hiit training sessions - the other day he did a live one from New York.

You don't need anything apart from a bit of space to do it. You can exercise at home, get the video on your phone/laptop/ipad and it's done in twenty minutes. So even I can't think of an excuse not to do this.

Yesterday I tried out his beginners session for the first time.
I found it on youtube - here.

It was such hard work! I actually really enjoyed it though and I'm aiming to get these sessions in a good few times a week. I'm so achey today so I guess I did something right.. There are four rounds of exercises in this video and I have to admit I only managed the warm up, three rounds and then cool down. I think this was ok as it was my first ever attempt. Tomorrow morning I will aim to do all four. Or at least three and a half :-)

My husband wants to get Joe's Lean in 15 book that goes along with the workouts for healthy recipes but we don't have it yet. I would definitely like to try it and find some healthy meal ideas as so far I have just tried to cut down on chocolate and treats.

I'm aiming to feel nearer to the old me by the time baby is 9 months old. I took my "before" photos when he was 6 months old. I've heard the saying it takes 9 months to grow a baby and 9 months to feel back to normal again. It will be hard work and I've never had to really lose weight before, so I hope I can keep this going and be successful.

Have you tried the Body Coach's hiit workouts?


Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Back to Blogging

It's been a long time since I've posted - it might be just six months but for me it feels like so much longer. Baby W who I will now be calling Baby J - he has a real name at last :) - arrived 11 days late and I just haven't had a minute to think about blogging ever since.

We sold our house just after Christmas and have moved in with my mum while our next house goes through. It's a little bit of a squash but lovely to be here :)

The house we are buying needs so much redecorating. I was really excited about this but we've just had our survey back and unfortunately it has a few more expensive problems that we didn't know about.. it's disappointing as we don't know if we can afford to sort this house out so we are having a think about what to do next.

I hope I can find some time to get back into my blog as I'm still on maternity leave. Life changes so much when baby number one arrives so I hope I can start enjoying blogging again whenever I get 5 minutes (not very often!) so that I have something easy and fun that I can enjoy like I used to.


Sunday, 20 September 2015

Baby Boy Outfits: F+F clothing at Tesco

With Baby Williams being due TOMORROW I've been enjoying browsing baby clothes online for a while. He has been very lucky and received lots of gifts at the baby shower which has meant that his wardrobe already has lots of cute clothes inside. 
But it's still fun to sit and look at all the different outfits that are around for babies/kids!
I'm sure that for the first few weeks of his life he will be mostly just wearing his sleep suits, and I'm not the type of girl who would spend loads of money on a baby t-shirt. As you know, I love a bargain! This is why I've been so interested in the ranges of baby clothes available at the supermarkets. There is a lot of choice and the prices are great!
These are a few of my favourite items from Tesco's F+F clothing range at the moment. Baby W has a similar bear hat already, but other than that I just need/love everything that I found here...

How cute are the joggers...Hug it out top...Baseball bodysuit...?! Ah I just need them all for him! x

Monday, 14 September 2015

Home Style: A Lilac & Silver Update

I've recently freshened up my living room with some new curtains, a rug and accessories. For the first two years of living here, I filled the room with orange, wooden and gold accessories with thick cream curtains. The room felt lovely and cosy, but this summer it was time for a change. I decided to go with mauve/lilac and silver.

I have a couple of the items from this wishlist, but the table lamp is something I really need to buy! It's from Next and is really pretty. I also stocked up on a couple of the plain mirrored photo frames from Wilkinson's as shown in the photo. These are really cheap (I think only £2 for the 6x4 size) and look pretty with more detailed frames next to them. They keep the silver theme running nicely!

Most of the accessories I bought are named "mauve" in stores - I wanted to keep the purple shades quite light...

We picked up this rug in Dunelm and it's lovely and soft whilst also looking pretty and bringing a good chunk of colour into the room (again my carpet is just plain cream). 

I don't think it's quite as dark in real life as it looks here. It feels good under your feet though, and there are lots of colours to choose from :)
Find it here.
What colours do you use in your favourite room?

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Decorating a baby's Nursery

As soon as we found out that Baby W is a boy I started to think about how we should decorate his bedroom.

I knew that I wouldn't be having blue walls - my house has lots of plain walls/carpets and I use things like rugs, accessories and curtains to add some colour. This is because I get bored easily! I think if I used pretty wallpaper I would want to change it quite often.

We had his room painted in a creamy magnolia with the skirting boards and radiator spruced up with some good old white. We picked out a nice thick carpet in a beige-ish colour called "pancakes" to create a nice blank canvas to accessorise.

I found a complete bargain furniture set on It's an East Coast nursery set with a cot bed, wardrobe and changing unit/cupboard and was reduced down to around £270. I was also really lucky to discover a 30% off code, so even with the delivery cost I only paid about £200 for the lot. I love a bargain so this was perfect.

Here's the changing unit that came with the furniture set. I found the navy and white storage basket in the bathroom section at Tesco for just £5. It's handy for bits and pieces and fits in nicely with the rest of the room.

I had looked at lots of baby bedrooms on pinterest and decided against traditional baby blue. I wanted to go for navy and white :)

Bedding was next on the list and I found what I wanted on Mothercare's website. The range is called Whale Bay - I fell in love with it and so the nursery theme started there!


I've used navy and white accessories to complete his room. Baby W has some Whale Bay blankets, a door stop, changing mat, the cot spiral and teddy bear. You can find them all here. 

Mothercare sell wall stickers to match the theme, however at around £29 full price I found that these were a bit too expensive for me. I decided to hit Hobbycraft to make some basic whale and fish decorations of my own to use above Baby W's cot and changing mat. I'm keeping it simple but sticking with the under the sea/navy and dark blue theme! I will post them in a future post.

What do you think of the Whale Bay collection?
How would you decorate a child's room?

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Baby Update!

Blogging has definitely taken a back seat throughout my pregnancy - I've just been so busy planning and sorting things out! From choosing a pushchair, car seat, clothes and nursery colours to working out how many first size sleep suits you need to buy, being pregnant takes up lots of your time!

I've been very lucky throughout, I haven't suffered with any sickness and time has flown by... there are now only two weeks until Baby W's due date and I am so excited to see his little face.

I cant believe how quickly it's gone!

Now that I am off work and my long list of baby things to sort out is pretty much done I am hoping to get back into blogging  at last :)