Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Motivation - Losing the Baby Weight

Summer is coming!

Baby J just turned 7 months old yesterday and I would like to finally lose my baby weight. To be honest I'm not a fitness kind of girl.. I love swimming when I can find the time but always hated PE at school. If I planned to have another baby close in age to Baby J I probably wouldn't bother trying to lose this weight as its mostly on my tummy. But because I would ideally like a few years until I have another baby I'm hoping to lose this bump that's clinging on.

I follow Joe Wicks The Body Coach on facebook and have noticed his hiit training sessions - the other day he did a live one from New York.

You don't need anything apart from a bit of space to do it. You can exercise at home, get the video on your phone/laptop/ipad and it's done in twenty minutes. So even I can't think of an excuse not to do this.

Yesterday I tried out his beginners session for the first time.
I found it on youtube - here.

It was such hard work! I actually really enjoyed it though and I'm aiming to get these sessions in a good few times a week. I'm so achey today so I guess I did something right.. There are four rounds of exercises in this video and I have to admit I only managed the warm up, three rounds and then cool down. I think this was ok as it was my first ever attempt. Tomorrow morning I will aim to do all four. Or at least three and a half :-)

My husband wants to get Joe's Lean in 15 book that goes along with the workouts for healthy recipes but we don't have it yet. I would definitely like to try it and find some healthy meal ideas as so far I have just tried to cut down on chocolate and treats.

I'm aiming to feel nearer to the old me by the time baby is 9 months old. I took my "before" photos when he was 6 months old. I've heard the saying it takes 9 months to grow a baby and 9 months to feel back to normal again. It will be hard work and I've never had to really lose weight before, so I hope I can keep this going and be successful.

Have you tried the Body Coach's hiit workouts?


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