Sunday, 20 September 2015

Baby Boy Outfits: F+F clothing at Tesco

With Baby Williams being due TOMORROW I've been enjoying browsing baby clothes online for a while. He has been very lucky and received lots of gifts at the baby shower which has meant that his wardrobe already has lots of cute clothes inside. 
But it's still fun to sit and look at all the different outfits that are around for babies/kids!
I'm sure that for the first few weeks of his life he will be mostly just wearing his sleep suits, and I'm not the type of girl who would spend loads of money on a baby t-shirt. As you know, I love a bargain! This is why I've been so interested in the ranges of baby clothes available at the supermarkets. There is a lot of choice and the prices are great!
These are a few of my favourite items from Tesco's F+F clothing range at the moment. Baby W has a similar bear hat already, but other than that I just need/love everything that I found here...

How cute are the joggers...Hug it out top...Baseball bodysuit...?! Ah I just need them all for him! x

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