Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Wedding Planning part 2: Decorations

My first wedding planning post was all about the search for my wedding dress. So now i'm moving on to the details of the reception.

As some of you might know, my fiancé & I are getting married abroad this summer. We are holding a party for family and friends when we get back at a local hotel, and are having a cake and lots of typical wedding-y decorations.

Originally I planned to have charcoal grey and pink for our colour scheme, but I've been browsing Pinterest and I'm afraid I've changed my mind!

Pale pinks, creams & a hint of gold are my new interest! Here's some of the photos that are inspiring me...

(Photos from Pinterest)

I've started making a few things such as a large picture frame with lots of small black and white photos of the two of us. We also have a guest book ready and I have bought some pretty coloured pens to go with that.

I've loved looking at ideas online and have started collecting empty jars to hopefully spray paint & decorate with ribbons etc!

Another DIY project I'm just starting for the evening party is the cards box. I've bought one on ebay but am not 100% sure about it, so when I found one for £1.99 in Home Bargains the other day, I thought it would definitely be worth a try.


The box feels quite strong so I'm looking forward to starting to decorate it. The lid was super tricky to put together (it all comes flat packed) but as I said - for £1.99 you definitely can't complain.

It's looking pretty plain but I have some plans for this box! I'm considering cutting some of the height off it so that it would be a little shorter. I will share the results with you when I have had time to get to work on this. I'm hoping to make some paper hearts like this (but in pinks/light gold) and have them hanging from the front...

I think I've blabbed on quite enough now! I'm looking forward to completing some of these DIY ideas and will share with you once they are done.
What do you think of this colour scheme?
What colours do you want/did you have at your wedding?


  1. Oh great colours! Love the post box idea as well - totally know what you mean about getting married just you two - at least everyone gets an awesome party :) xx

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Thank you :) yes hopefully the party will be great :) xx

  2. Love all those ideas, pinterest is the place to find them!

    Mon Petit Billet

    1. Thanks glad you like them, yep pinterest has been fab! x

  3. Love these ideas! Funnily enough I've always wanted gold incorporated into my wedding, and love the pale pinks as well, such a good choice :)

    Hollie x