Saturday, 1 November 2014

When Wearing Glasses gets Boring...

Ohh glasses glasses glasses. Love them? Hate them? Lots of us have to wear them...

For those of us who do have to wear them, I think most would agree that at some point we've all considered that it would be nice to not need them.  

When sticking a contact lense into your eye isn't an option for you, it can sometimes feel like your whole outfit has had to change so that you can see properly...

I wear distance glasses and my eyesight isn't too awful, but because I need them to drive I therefore feel the need to wear them at work, which makes it harder to be confident without them when you would really like to ditch them for a few hours.

Surely we all get bored of them now and again?

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate them or hold a grudge that my eyesight isn't perfect - there are far worse problems to have. But it does bug me that we unfortunately are taught by friends and peers from a very young age that glasses are geeky and uncool. 

I tried contacts once and just didn't get along with them. It's probably my own confidence issue where just I feel that I personally would look better without my glasses - maybe most people don't feel this way? 

Topshop/Topman have sold clear lense glasses recently, and the trends in glasses frames seems to be changing. But when you have to pay a lot of money for prescription glasses, it can be hard to change frames just to fit in with the latest trend and get a pair of glasses that make you feel confident.

I would love to have a good choice of glasses at home to choose from but unfortunately the prices of prescription glasses just don't allow me to. Lots of bills to pay, etc!

It seems like the only answer is to accept that this is just us, find a pair that makes us feel as good as possible and wear them with pride!

To cheer myself up I decided to share some photos of celebrity ladies looking gorgeous in glasses...

Jennifer Aniston

Kim Kardashian
Emma Watson
Keira Knightley
Victoria Beckham
Do you wear glasses?
Do you get that tied down feeling on certain days, where you just wish you could go without them?



  1. I do, and I was beyond pissed when someone stole mine because I had Tiffany frames. I had mine for 3 years, and I purpously chose them because I could wear them with ANYTHING jncluding my work uniform.

    Needless to say I went 3 months without glasses because I couldn't afford new ones and it was a HUGE waiting list here to get another eye exam done, get it sent off, and back via my insurance. My backups had disappeared in the ER when I had a shift in there.

    Needless to say, while my sight isn't bad I need them to read...which means I need them at work, blogging, and school.

    The whole "glasses are cool" trend kinda pisses me off becauae of that. When someone takes my glasses because they are "trendy" it leaves me without the ability to proplerly di my job, out the money for new frames bwcause my insurance won't cover frames or contacts.

    For me, that one pair of glasses has to work as hard as I do. The joy of beign able to see clearly, not have migraines, not get glares, flares, amd scratches are a godsend.

    1. It's terrible to hear that your glasses got stolen! That's awful. I know what you mean, the price of nice frames is way too high, it's unfair when people get left unable to afford a new pair as you did. Sorry to hear you've been unlucky - bet they were gorgeous too. x

  2. I wear contacts and love them. I have a pair a of glasses that I wear at night and if I have to during the day. I suppose if I looked hard enough I could find a pair that suited me? But like you say . . things could be worse!

    Amy at Amy & More

    1. I'd love to be confident in contacts but I just couldn't use them when I tried! Maybe one day in the future. They could indeed - always look at the positive :) x