Thursday, 30 October 2014

Wishlist: A Winter Outfit

I am absolutely loving these blanket capes that are all around us! So cosy for winter - this is one of my favourites from River Island.
I actually already have these boots from New Look - they are lovely and comfy and go with so many outfits.
My husband has picked up this bag for me as a Christmas present, so it's safely tucked away in his wardrobe where I can't get to it!
I also really want these earrings. I think they would go with lots of clothes - day or night!
What do you think of this outfit?


  1. OMG. That cape looks so cozy!
    I need it in my life! Haha
    Too bad it's going into Summer here now... Next years wishlist for me ; )



    1. It's lovely isn't it :) nice for you though that you have summer just around the corner! :) x

  2. Im so loving blanket capes, they just look so cosy and warm, will have to get one I think!
    Emma x
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