Thursday, 27 November 2014

High Street Bridesmaid Dresses #2

I really enjoyed writing my last post on high street bridesmaid dresses, and although my wedding is over now I thought I would put together an updated version :)

The other day I was chatting with a colleague at work and she was telling me all about the bridesmaid dresses that she has ordered for her wedding next year. They are plain but pretty maxi dresses with one flowered strap.   

When she told me that they were £300 each and she had bought six I had to hide my shock - I'd never be able to afford to pay that for dresses that would never be worn again.

My sister's bridesmaid dress for my wedding was a simple but pretty maxi and cost less than £40 in Debenhams. She looked gorgeous :)

So I wanted to share some new high street bridesmaid ideas with you. Links from left to right:

The navy maxi is less than £40 at House of Fraser. Gorgeous and total bargain.

This cute short dress is such a gorgeous colour. I love the combination of bright pinks with grey and silver shades in weddings. Also just £40 reduced from £80 at BHS!

The pretty pink pearl and diamante maxi is by Quiz clothing, and is currently reduced to £39.99 on Debenhams' website. It is also available on the Quiz clothing site. 

I wasn't looking to only find dresses at less than £40, but as it goes this green maxi is also down to £33 on House of Fraser. It seems like now is the time to buy your bridesmaid dresses! :)    

What do you think?
Would you splash out just because it's your wedding day, or have your girls in high street dresses?


  1. I really would like to go high street for my 4 bridesmaids but not many stores go over a size 16-18 so I'm restricted! Also, I need 4 dresses so they rarely have all sizes left in the sale - I am resigned to the fact I'll probably be paying full price! Pretty choices you've found x

    1. I know what you mean, it's hard to find lots of different sizes in the sales. But even at full price the high street is usually lots cheaper :) x

  2. Love the dark blue one!! It would be silly not to get highstreet ones, they're just as nice and a fraction of the price :)

    Emma x

    1. I totally agree! And yes the navy one is lovely isn't it :) xx