Saturday, 8 November 2014

My New Love of Pinterest

When planning my wedding a few months ago I started a Pinterest account so that I could search for inspiration.

I have to say I was happy with what I found. What a beautiful website :)

You can totally escape the real world and enjoy spending hours admiring pretty things, getting ideas for your own home/wedding/recipe file and saving them to look back on at any time. I've pinned wedding dresses, cake recipes and gorgeous living room inspiration, garden seating areas and clever storage ideas.

It's like storing all of your favourite parts of a magazine without taking up space in your home. I really enjoy browsing, pinning pretty pictures and good ideas. It's like a fabulous space-saving scrapbook!

I will look back at my pins when considering redecorating a room or moving house. It's so useful!

I don't really get the whole following thing - I don't follow anybody and nobody follows me (lol). I think Pinterest is different to Instagram and things, I just see it as something useful for me. 

Here are a few of my favourite pins... 

All photos are from Pinterest. Not my own.
That last picture is on my travel board as a hotel to stay at if we ever win the lottery ;)
Do you love Pinterest?

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