Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Saying Goodbye to 2014

2014 has been an interesting year. I've been lucky again and am grateful for everything I have experienced. It's nice to feel so positive on the last day of a year.

There have been ups and downs, dramatic change of plans, and some upsetting news stories. In my own life, I got married in Greece, continued to improve my house and have really been appreciating my lovely family. I've been counting my blessings as a family member was taken ill in October, but has made a fabulous start to recovery. 

Now that me and my sister are older, I feel that we have really become best friends! It's lovely to have a sister who is your best friend - the most loyal type who will always be around :) What more could you need?

Every one of us has had tough times this year - that's just standard in life! Looking forward and concentrating on all the good things in my life (no matter how small) has really helped me get stronger this year. It's so important to appreciate the little things if you are feeling a bit down.

I'm really looking forward to a family night in at my mum's for NYE tonight, lots of positive thoughts to start 2015!

Happy New Year :) x



  1. aww sisters are the best! my sister is my best friend too - she sure makes me mad sometimes but I wouldn't trade her for the world :P i hope you have a nice 2015!