Sunday, 28 September 2014

Wedding Craft 1: Mr & Mrs Letters

I love art and making things, so I knew that I wanted to work on some pretty things for our wedding party which took place when we got back from our wedding in Greece.

I'm a perfectionist so always fussy with things like this...

I'd noticed that Mr & Mrs signs of some type were all over the wedding magazines as decoration for the reception. At first they didn't stand out to me at all, but when I decided to change the colour scheme of the party to gold and pinks I discovered some pretty Mr & Mrs letters on Pinterest.

They were gold glittered letters and were set around the front of a wedding cake.

I loved them and decided that they would be great as a decoration at our party. They would fit in perfectly.

I wanted to make them myself, and discovered the mache letters that you can buy at Hobbycraft. They sell individual letters and numbers so that you can spell out anything you want. You could write your names, or add your new surname onto the end of the Mr & Mrs letters.

These could be used for any party or special event - I guess it doesn't have to be for a wedding at all!

The Mr & Mrs letters that I bought came in a set for just £5. You can find it here.

They are meant as a mache kit so you can buy pretty papers to cover them with. But I decided to paint & glitter mine instead.

First I painted the back and sides of the letters with a tester pot of magnolia paint that I picked up in Wilkinsons. I had planned to glitter them all over but realised that this would get very messy! It would be harder to transport them to the reception venue without ruining them, and whoever had to touch them to set it up would be covered in glitter!

So a bit of paint to break up the glitter seemed like a good idea...


Once the paint had dried, I painted the front with PVA glue. I then tipped the glitter into the pot that my letters had actually been in when I bought them, and dipped the glued front side into the glitter. 

Done!! Easy as that.

I ran my finger along the edges so that the glitter would look neat. Then waited for it to dry.

These letters are great and could actually be used for anything - maybe a "home" or name sign for your living room or even buy the letters to make a Christmas word and use as a decoration for your house this xmas.

Do you shop at hobbycraft?


  1. These are so cute! I love making crafts & creating something unique & personalized! The glitter adds a shiny-tastic touch. :] // ☼ ☯

  2. Thanks :-) me too, a bit of glitter is always good :-) x