Sunday, 6 April 2014

Pet Post - My Kitten Milo.

Here is my lovely boy, Milo! He's a 10 month old kitten who we rescued from our local RSPCA centre.

We had recently bought our first house and I'd always had a cat when I lived with my mum, so I knew I wanted to adopt one myself.

Our local RSPCA centre have a "Pets for Adoption" blog page, where you can see photos and read about all of the animals who are looking for a new home.

Last September, not long after we had moved into our new house, I noticed this advert on the cats adoption page...

Poor Cinnamon - he looked so sad and lonely! I just had to make an appointment to go and see him as soon as possible.

When I got to the centre and saw him he was much smaller than I expected - he was around 4 months old. He was so scared and nervous that he jumped away as soon as the lady handed him to me, accidently scramming me on his way down.

He hid under a little blue plastic chair and shivered for the rest of the time we were there - he had obviously been treated badly by his previous owner. We were told that he was rescued with his brothers and sisters after they were abandoned and he was the last one of his litter to be left at the centre, waiting for a new home.

I had some reservations about his age - I've seen lots of crazy kittens climbing curtains and wrecking furniture! But he was just so sweet... So we took him home :)

We decided that Cinnamon was a bit of a long name, and named him Milo instead. (Although I now know that Raj's dog on The Big Bang Theory is called Cinnamon - so funny!) 

Milo loves to sit and watch football on TV!

He was extremely nervous of people at first but has improved amazingly! He is still nervous of visitors but will now sit on our lap and loves a good smooth - especially under his chin.

He gets up to all sorts of mischief!

People often comment on his slightly large ears!! But he's just the cutest :)

In my opinion, a pet provides great company - I often chat away to him as if he understands...

It is a responsibility though! My sister tried to persuade me to also adopt his friend at the centre who he shared a little house with, but I knew that buying two lots of cat food might be a little too expensive - it's not cheap after all.

It's been amazing to see how well he has come along in the last few months. He has grown a lot! I love being a cat owner - Milo does something that makes me laugh at least once every single day! x


  1. Aww what a little cutie. I have a kitten too she is 7 months old and I am like you, i talk to her like she understands. I think Milo's ears just make him even cuter. well done on turning things around for him and giving him a loving and happy home!


    1. I think that they like it when we chat to them, he always looks at me as if he's listening lol. Thank you, it's been great to watch him improve so much over the last few months! x

  2. My cat has been in my house for a year or so but still nervous and run away (as fast as he can) if he meets new people :D His biggest phobia is kids, I'm on my way to work on that ;)

    Say my hello to Milo! :))

    1. Aww same here, when the front door knocks he goes to hide down the side of the wardrobe!
      But he's slowly getting better and will come out now to see who's visiting!
      Thank you :) x

  3. what an adorable kitty! my family is allergic to cats so I cannot have one. My friend and her boyfriend recently got one so that is filling the void slightly lol. soooo adorable

  4. Thank you :) Oh no that's a shame!
    But at least you can visit your friend's cat :)
    They have so much personality, I love them!

  5. He is so cute!! Looks like he is settling in, hopefully learning to trust people again. Pets are very good company, I got a dog & talk to him all the time! Look forward to hearing bout Milo's adventures
    Bee Happy and Healthy