Wednesday, 16 April 2014

A Birthday Blog Post

Birthday Blog post! :)

So this week I was 24. Unfortunately I have had the worst bad back ever and have been hobbling around as though I was actually turning 94... But never mind about that :)

I love a nice birthday - My mum still always buys me a pretty balloon each year. I was lucky enough to receive lots of lovely clothes this birthday - but I will save those for a later outfit post!

Here are a couple of the lovely gifts I received...

Some lovely gift vouchers - time for summer holiday shopping!

What every girl (in my opinion) should have somewhere in her home! A Disney film to cuddle up and watch plus a Disney princess notebook.
These next gifts mean a lot to me! In August my fiancĂ© and I are going abroad to get married. My mum bought me this 'Me to You' honeymoon photo album, and my sister got me a matching wedding guest book for us to use at the party when we get back.
The colour scheme for the party is pink and grey, so they thoughtfully remembered this when picking out these gifts.

My Auntie picked out these sandals for my gift this year. They will be perfect for summer and are from New Look. You can find them here.

The final gift that I wanted to share with you is this pretty bag, also from New Look. You can pick one up here.
I've heard great reviews about Disney's Frozen film... Have you seen it yet?
What did you think of it?


  1. Bless you, I had a poorly eye for my birthday, sucks eh? Looks like you had a lovely day none-the-less with lots of lovely gifts :)

    Happy belated birthday!

    Kathryn xo

    Bit of a Freak | UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger

  2. Aww, yes I felt like I'd been cheated out of a birthday in a way!
    As I was struggling to even walk on the day, much better now though :)
    Thank you! :) xx

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope you're feeling fine again now.

    As for Frozen, I liked it (the Soundtrack is great) but it was maybe a little too close to Tangled (which I loved) for me.

  4. Thank you yes, much better! I agree enjoyed Frozen but for me I'm not sure that it is quite as good as Tangled... Tangled is still my fave at the moment! x

  5. I am seeing Frozen every where! But not having any kids & being 30 am I still allowed to get it? Those sandals & bag are so pretty def off for a rummage around New Look site for summer pieces!
    Dropping by from #lbloggers

  6. Haha well I am 24 and had it as a birthday present... so yes why not!!
    I also recommend Tangled if you haven't seen it.. lovely girly film!
    They are aren't they, New Look have lots of nice things in at the moment.
    Thanks for your comment :)