Monday, 21 April 2014

Travel Bucket List #1

Travel... just hearing that word gets me excited! 
I've never taken a gap year to go properly "travelling". After uni I got a full time job as buying a house with my fiancé was high on my list of to do's. 
I've been lucky enough to visit lots of great places so far though, and I made sure I fitted in a trip to my most wanted destination, Australia, before committing to a mortgage. 
We have done a few nice trips to European holiday destinations as I love to get my share of sunshine each year. My favourite out of those include Southern Spain and Greece. New York in 2010 was also a great experience. 
Now that we have a house and wedding to pay for, my travel destination bucket list is a dream that may not be able to come true for a good few years! Some may be distant future trips. But it's great to dream - I'm big on looking at holiday websites and brochures for ideas of where to go next...
As my list is pretty long I have decided to split this post into two parts. Here's my first list of places I want to visit at some point in my lifetime... 
Perth, Western Australia
In 2013 we were lucky enough to fit in a trip to Australia. Time & money were both limited, so we decided to visit Sydney and Brisbane, so that we could see some of the Gold Coast too. In future I would love to return and visit Perth in Western Australia. It looks like such a beautiful city.
It is only recently that I have considered a visit to Thailand. It hadn't previously crossed my mind, however I think that since flying to Australia and realising how huge the world is, I have realised that I had previously not given my travel wishlist enough thought. How beautiful do these beaches look?
Las Vegas
There are a few places in the USA that I would love to visit, Vegas being one of them! It's just one of those places I feel I have to see. Whilst in New York I just loved being in America and I would love to visit Vegas to experience that area too. It sounds like such a fun place to be! If I could fit this one in next year then I would...I'd love to go here while I'm young.
Venice, Italy
I have always wanted to visit Venice. The photographs of Venice's streets fascinate me. There are other areas of Italy that I would like to see too, including Rome and the Amalfi Coast. I am also a huge fan of Italian food. I look forward to jetting off to Italy at some point! 
I know that California is a big place, but I would just love to get out there, hire a car and spend a few weeks exploring it on some kind of fabulous road trip! I would love to see the Hollywood sign, drive past the homes of the celebs, visit places like Orange County and see  for myself "how the other half live", (I would love to drive past Heather Debrow's house - Big Housewives of OC fan!) Disneyland California, San Francisco... the CA list goes on!
Dubai, UAE
Dubai seems like an amazing city. I'm not in a huge rush to go here, but it's somewhere I would love to see one day. With their amazing weather, deserts, beautiful beaches and buildings it's definitely on my list for the future.  
So that's the first part of my travel destination bucket list. I didn't want to bore you by putting all of my wishlist into one post... it might have gone on forever!
I guess I will need to prioritise these destinations as and when my fiancé & I can afford a trip abroad.
If you have been to/are going to any of these places and have any advice or tips on your favourite areas then please leave me a comment!
Also do you have an absolute favourite place that should be added to my list?
I'd love to hear about your travel experiences.
Part 2 coming soon :)
Rachel x


  1. I want to go to Venice as well - I would eat so much though that I doubt I would fit on the plane home! Germany is my fave destination though :)

    1. Me too - all that pizza and pasta! It would be amazing :)
      Ooh Germany, I haven't looked into that but I'm sure Berlin would be a very interesting city to visit :)

  2. I want to go everywhere!! :D
    Although Thailand, Greece and Italy are high on my list at the moment.
    Australia is amazing, I spent 3 months travelling along the East Coast, although I really want to see the rest of the country.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. Aww me too :) I'm going to Greece in August - Kos - it's lovely. Wow I'm so jealous that you did that I would love to be there for 3 months. I love Australia I'm sure we will be going back one day! x

  3. Washington DC is my big want to visit place, everywhere else is really off the main tourist list of places, I enjoy exploring America - the places that really sum up the real non touristy side of the country, see the mom and pop diners, the local museums and so on.

    1. Ooh I've heard that Washington DC is really nice. I know a couple of people who have been. Seeing the diners etc sounds lovely :) x

  4. I'm all about travelling too, I want to visit sooooo many places it's unbelievable haha! I'd love to go to Thailand. You should think about Egypt, I went to Sharm El Sheikh last year and it was the best holiday I have been on. Especially for Snorkelling. Except the safety is a bit questionable atm:/ xx

  5. Me too :) Oh my mum went to Sharm El Sheikh a few years ago and also said the snorkelling was amazing!
    She told me about all the fish you can see even in the shallow water.
    Yes agree on the safety... maybe one for a few years time xx

  6. Some good calls on here. I definitely wanna go to Dubai too, or anywhere in the Emirates. Looks amazing x