Sunday, 23 March 2014

Saturday Bargins including Gilly Hicks Cardiff

So yesterday I went shopping in Cardiff with my fiance and managed to get myself a few little bargains. First up is these earrings from New Look:
Lots of the jewellery at New Look that is not their own brand is half price at the moment. I've seen the stands in a couple of different stores, so I know that it's not just in Cardiff. There is a great choice of earrings, rings, necklaces etc...too much to choose from!
I never seem to get on with bigger earrings so I just stick to my smaller studs. The ones shown above were half price at New Look - £2 for the ones on the left, and £2.50 for the ones on the right. Not bad for six different pairs :)
My next mention is to Gilly Hicks - sister store of Abercrombie & Fitch. Being a bit of an Abercrombie fan I was keen to take a look in here. The huge screens on the front of the store show footage of the sea at Bondi Beach, which also encourages me to go in for a look, being a fan of Australia too!
Well I was glad I went in! There was a great sale on, and all bras were just £4.99! I didn't think I would find myself blogging about underwear, but this was such a good sale that I feel I should share it! 

I did find myself double checking with a girl who worked at the store that they really were all £4.99, as the original price on the tag was much bigger than that! This section of the store was set up perfectly with all different styles of bra organised into colours and sizes.

As you can see from the price tags, the original prices were around £40 each. I would never be able to pay that amount on these items (and I wouldn't choose to either!) so I think £9.98 for both was a great buy.
The store also had lots of other items on sale, definitely worth a visit!



  1. I love Gilly Hicks underwear, I always order it online. Wish we had one in Northern Ireland :(

  2. Me too, I don't actually live in Cardiff but whenever I'm there I go in Gilly Hicks for a nose :) x

  3. Definitely a bargain! I love a cheeky underwear haul xo