Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Happy Memories and Daydreaming


Happy memories mean a lot to me - surely that's what life is about - making as many happy memories as possible?
Whether it's memories of good times with friends, family meals or holidays to exciting new places, I think it's important to take the time to have a good daydream about them from time to time.
Today at work, whilst sitting in the staffroom on a break, I had a good daydream about my holiday to Australia last year. I had always wanted to go there and my fiance and I had the best time - we got to do so much fun stuff.
I feel really lucky and glad that I went as the happy memories are always there for me to visit in my head when I'm feeling bored or a bit down. They instantly make me feel better.
A child that I work with was talking to me about favourite toys today - Moshi Monsters seem to be all in! It made me think back to when I was about 7 years old, and my favourite toy was a pink horse box campervan with ponies and riders. I have a clear memory of setting up the campervan under the Christmas tree and having hours of fun!
Lots of people talk about their childhood memories and these are often either of fun times or of a time when we might have felt scared. Whenever I think back to a nice happy memory it seems to be more likely to be recent, from my adult life. (Although I am lucky enough to have lots of happy childhood memories, too.)
It also usually leads me to daydream about the future happy memories that I will hopefully be making...
Sunshine... holidays... birthday meals... clothes shopping...
I think I've been daydreaming too much today! :)
Do you have a favourite memory that cheers you up when you are feeling a bit down?


  1. I love Australia and have billions of happy memories from there too :) it's good to dream, thoughts become things, you carry on babe!

    Lovely post, followed you via BL

    Kathryn xx

    Bit of a Freak | UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger

    1. Thank you :) will follow you back :)
      Aus is amazing I would love to go back one day and see much more of it! x x

  2. thats such a lovely post to read!! :)
    when i'm down I just think any stress and hard work that needs to be done, needs to be done for a reason, and when you reach the reason you will be thankful when you have achieved all that you wanted, as well as looking at new products in boots - that always cheers me up! x

    1. Thank you :) that's a great way to look at things!
      Very positive :) x

  3. I spent three months travelling in Australia and I'm always remembering all the amazing things i did, it puts me in a great mood, but also makes me want to go back! And i really can't afford that! :)
    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine