Sunday, 19 October 2014

Bargain Bubble Bath plus Yankee Tealights

I don't usually do beauty posts but really wanted to share this delicious bubble bath.

A total steal at just 89p from Home Bargains, this Possibility Strawberry Soufflé is a "rich shower gel, shampoo and bubble bath".

Personally, I just use it as a bubble bath. You don't need much to make lots of bubbles and it smells really good. This bottle will last me a while.

I love to use Yankee candle summer scoop tea lights when taking a strawberry soufflĂ© bath for extra strawberry-ness! They make a whole room smell amazing and cost around £6.70 for 12 tealights.

Have you tried any of these?


  1. I bought that bubble bath from home bargains a month ago. Kept wanting to eat it!!

  2. It smells great doesn't it :) I once had the mint one which was also delicious :) x