Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Primark Buys: Holiday Shopping

My local Primark is about half an hour away from me. I have an out of town retail park near me that I go to all the time for clothes & home accessory shopping - it's great.

As a result it's really quite rare that I go to Primark as when I do go into town it's the only shop I'm going for!

I like to have a couple of visits to Primark each year - the summer/holiday shopping visit is always my favourite. I don't know about anyone else but I also love Primark shopping on my own! I'm always there for at least an hour by the time I've searched all three floors.

Here are the main items I picked up for my summer holiday:

These sandals were just £4. These will be great for this summer and my holiday to Greece this August.
These shorts were also just £4! They are nice and light - perfect for the 30 degree heat.
More sandals - these were just £6 and are gorgeous!
These shorts were also just £4.
I also picked up some Primark essentials... a new hairbrush, hair accessory and also one of their fab hair towels to wear when you get out of the shower- at just £1.50 they last ages - love those!
I didn't pick up as much as I normally would on a summer holiday visit - I tried on lots of tops but none of them felt quite as nice as they had looked on the hanger...
That was disappointing!
However I'm happy with my Primark buys - total bargains as always!


  1. Both the sandals look adorable! Enjoy Greece! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

    1. They are cute aren't they, and only £10 for both!
      Thank you I will :) x

  2. Love what you got! :) I need to go to primark soon! :)

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    Stay fancy!
    xxx Kelly-Louise

  3. These shorts are so cute !

  4. Love these buys! The floral print is perfect for this s/s! Also those sandals are gorgeous as well and at a bargainer price!:) x
    Life as a Petite
    Bloglovin ♥