Sunday, 4 May 2014

Travel Bucket List #2

So here goes part two of my travel destination bucket list! If you missed part one, you can find it here..
As I previously mentioned, I am lucky enough to have fitted in a good few European holidays plus a trip to Australia and New York before buying my house.
There are so many places that I want to see, but unfortunately the high cost of travelling and responsibilities of every day life stand in our way.
This is my list of places that I really want to see at some point in my life - I don't mind when - and I don't know when I will be able to afford these trips... I just know that I really want to see them one day!
New Zealand
I would love to visit New Zealand one day. However knowing that it's still a few hours of flying further on than Australia, I think I would have to combine this as part of another trip. Maybe if I'm lucky enough to return to Australia one day we could fly on to NZ from there before coming home.

Paris, France
A little closer to home, I have been to Disneyland Paris as a child but can't remember as much as I would like to! I would love to take a romantic trip to Paris, seeing the sights and eating ice cream in the French sunshine. And of course I would love to visit Disneyland again!

Montreal, Canada
I would love to visit Canada one day. Montreal looks like a beautiful place. My step-dad has been there for work and said it was great. There are other areas of Canada that I would like to visit too, it's just one of those countries that I'm drawn to!
The Maldives
Total luxury anyone? It's unlikely that we'll be able to afford this type of holiday any time soon! But I can look at photos and dream, right? It's staying on my lifetime wishlist. We may get there one day :)
Chicago, USA
Another that has been on my list for a while, I'm not sure if it originates from my childhood obsession with TV programme Two of a Kind... I get that that although it was set there, they probably filmed in LA... but I've always thought of Chicago as a place I'd like to visit. I have read that they have great shopping and my fiancé and I would love to go watch a baseball game with a hotdog and pretend to be American for an afternoon!
The Caribbean Islands
I'm not too fussy on which island I would visit... Dominican Republic... Cuba... Jamaica... Antigua... They all look beautiful! Over the last few years I have felt that I couldn't be bothered to fly for around 10 hours just for a beach holiday, but I would definitely like to do it one day so that we can experience the beautiful turquoise waters!
The Great Wall of China
Finally more of a sight than a specific destination - The Great Wall of China.
What an amazing place. I hope to be able to fit this into my travels one day.
Thanks for taking the time to read my travel destination bucket list.
Again, if you have been to any of these places already and have any tips or advice on the best places to go please leave me a comment!
I would love to hear about other people's travel experiences.


  1. I love Paris! The Eiffel Tower and the bread and the Sephora and the bread and the macaroons and the bread... and the bread. Go just for the bread!
    Imogen's Typewriter. <3 

    1. Lol, the bread sounds lovely! I'm a big fan of bread :) x

  2. Chicago is awesome we went there for our honeymoon, great city and so much to do - although we went for the museums rather then shopping but there seems to be loads of places for that too! Although after living in Michigan for over two years, i'd always say the Coney hotdogs from Detroit are the best hotdogs you can get (full of chilli and onions mmmm yumm).

    1. I've always wanted to go there it looks really nice. How cool that you live in Michigan, are you from the US originally?x

  3. The Maldives and Paris are places I have always wanted to go to! I would also love to go to Japan because there is so much culture there and I may or may not want to cosplay ;) hehe.
    I have only ever been to London and I live in Ireland so theres so many places I'd love to visit!


    1. Ooh Japan is somewhere I've never really considered! I guess it would be interesting :)
      That's great then, lots of places you can look forward to seeing :) x

  4. Paris is lovely and so is Canada (been to Vancouver, Banff and Whistler) but travel to anywhere is always worthwhile pursuit! I love 'other places' as well as my home town. Always good to see pictures of new places to venture too, I hope you get to them all!

    1. Wow your lucky to have seen lots of Canada :)
      I agree! Seeing new places is always good.
      Thank you :)

  5. I think I am the only person in the world who doesn't reckon much to Paris. Like you I went to Disnelyland as a kid, so went to the centre of Paris this Feb (posts on my blog about it if you're interested) and I thought it was the worst city in Europe I've been to. Oh well. That's just my opinion. Others go and adore it! x

    1. Oh really! Yes so far I've only heard good things about it.
      I will definitely check out your post on your blog.
      Thanks! :) x

  6. Woo ya! Canada! Haha haven't been to Montreal but had some classmates go out there for school and work and they really liked it!
    Really like that picture of Chicago you picked too! The water looks almost the same as the water in your Caribbean picture!
    The Caribbean is gorgeous!! I've been to a bunch of the islands when I was younger on cruises - stunning landscape and weather and culture! Definitely go if you can one day :) wouldn't be disappointed!!

    Cat // CACHOO JOO

  7. Great list. I'd love to visit the Maldives. The only ones on your list that I've been to are The Great Wall of China, Paris and a few Caribbean islands. Unfortunately no insider tips to share though really.

  8. Great list, we have quite a few places in common that we want to visit, I recently just posted my bucket list :)
    I know I'm in the minority here but I was not fussed on Paris at all, I just don't see why everyone loves it but hope you're not disappointed when you get to visit.

    Belle x Part of Belle's world