Sunday, 24 August 2014

Three things I love

With the stress of sorting out our wedding, working and paying lots of bills, I've recently been trying to make sure I enjoy some of the smaller things in life - a good bit of TV or a nice magazine to help you relax after a busy day at work.

I wouldn't normally consider a tv programme something that can help me to feel relaxed, but recently a good laugh while cuddled on the sofa with snacks has become a great way to spend my spare time!
I've started to make sure that I appreciate the little things at home that make me happy - I've learnt that it's a great way for me to de-stress. Here's my current top three:

1. The Big Bang Theory

We discovered the Big Bang Theory by chance when relaxing in our hotel room in Australia last year. What an amazing discovery that was! I absolutely love this programme. I watched it on the flight home from Aus and was laughing out loud - I've loved it ever since. 

We picked up the box set and started from series one and it's really one of the few TV programmes that can make me laugh! Sheldon & Raj are my faves - hilarious!

I find myself acting like a true geek by suddenly blurting out big bang quotes to my husband, dad or sister - anyone who will listen!

One of my favourite moments is when Sheldon gives Amy a tiara...

"put it on me put it on me put it on me put it on me!" 


2. Style at Home magazine

I like having a nose at most home magazines but some of the more expensive glossy ones feel irrelevant to me. Lots of the items featured would be way out of my budget, for example. Like a £300 lamp.

Style at Home is my absolute favourite home magazine. It's a good price and features gorgeous home ideas and accessories that can be bought at affordable stores, such as Dunelm. The 'stylists at home' always seem so down to earth and I love reading about their projects. It gives me inspiration to improve and look after my own home.

They always have useful features such as ideas on upcycling old furniture and a delicious recipe section. I recommend this to anyone who likes to make their home look pretty!

3. The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Recommended to me by a colleague who's a fellow Real Housewives of Orange County fan, I love NJ just as much! 

It's definitely very dramatic with a few more arguments than Orange County but I've come to love Teresa and her family and also Caroline. I think they are both fab ladies in different ways. 

Great escapism TV - helps me to get home from work and forget all the real life problems for a while as these people just live in a different world to me!

 How do you relax at home? 
Any other Big Bang fans out there?


  1. Me and my fiancé are total big bang fans, we find ourselves watching repeats on tv just because we can and they still crack us up every time.
    We also too find ourselves quoting big bang on times, obviously no-one else understands but we find ourselves snickering at our geeky-ness.

    Charl X

    1. Aww I'm glad you two are the same! I just love it - I'm constantly laughing at the big bang, it's fab! xx

  2. Aaah Big Bang is mum really loves it too so it's a bonus! haha x

    1. Ooh yay! Nice to hear from another fellow fan :) I've been trying to get my mum into it - she did laugh loads at Raj one day! xx

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  4. sheldon is a very unique character love him! so glad you discovered big bang theory! have you watched the recent ones yet? you will love it and CONGRATS on getting married wahooo

    1. He definitely is, also love him! Yes we watched series 7 when it was on E4 - when Sheldon kissed Amy on the train I was so happy haha!!
      Aww thank you so much :) x

  5. I also love to watch series to relax a bit!

    Sarah x