Thursday, 19 June 2014

The 30 Day Squat & Plank Challenge

Today is day seven of my 30 day squat/plank challenge. I've decided to do both challenges alongside each other, plus a little bit of yoga whenever I can fit it in.

I started this challenge back in April, but unfortunately on day 11 I bumped my car on the way to work.

I had to have a week off work with neck pains and then a few weeks later had the worst bad back ever... as a result the challenge was completely abandoned.

I've needed a while to recover properly as I've always had a bit of a dodgy back, but now I'm ready to hopefully make it all the way to day 30!

So far I'm definitely finding the plank challenge most difficult. It's really hard! At the moment I have to have a little break after 30 seconds (oops!) then start up again.

With our wedding in Greece coming up in just eight weeks I thought I should make the effort to try and tone up a bit. Here are the charts that I'm following:

I have to say the rest days are great! I'm not sure I'll ever be able to plank for 300 seconds if I'm honest! But I really hope I complete both challenges.

Have you tried either of these?


  1. I got to day 11 of the Squat Challenge and had a rather long rest ... haha x

    1. Haha I assume your rest is still continuing :) xx

  2. I tried the Squat challenge but unfortunately never finished... Good luck!

    Sarah x

    1. It's tough, I'm not sure that I'll finish it either. Thanks! x

  3. Ah good on you for trying to do this, I tried it once and gave up :/ I might try it again soon.
    It'll be soo good if you finish it, and if you do let us know if you see/feel a difference

    Ameera xx